About me

Emmanuel Nassari, your personal guide

My remarkable journey to become a safari guide began in my hometown, a Maasai village in Tanzania. Inspired by a visiting guide, I yearned to showcase his heritage and the beauty of Tanzania to the world.

Though initially met with resistance from my father due to family responsibilities, my unwavering determination eventually convinced my father to sell three cows, enabling me to pursue his dream in Arusha.

I arrived in Arusha at the age of 14, immersed myself in learning Swahili, English, tour guiding skills, and obtaining a driver’s license. Despite challenges in securing employment after completing my training, I persevered by taking up various odd jobs.

I worked as a car wash attendant and a mountain porter at Mountain Kilimanjaro, utilizing every opportunity to save and pursue my dream. My relentless dedication led to obtaining a driver’s license, yet steady employment remained elusive.

I am committed to dedicating 10% of my income to educate Maasai girls. By investing in their education, we empower these girls to make informed choices, delay marriage, and build brighter futures. This initiative aims to break the cycle of early marriage, promote gender equality, and create leaders who will positively impact their communities.

However, my persistence finally paid off. Despite the setbacks, I refused to give up on my dream. Seized an opportunity and began my journey as a safari guide, marking the start of a career spanning over a decade in the tourism industry.

Today, I’m not just a tour guide; I’m the proud owner of Nassari’s Safaris. My company showcases the natural splendor of Tanzania to visitors from across the globe. My story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the fulfillment of a dream against all odds. This success stands as an inspiration, illustrating that with unwavering dedication, dreams can indeed become a reality.